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About Us

Our non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was
founded by Eric Danowski in 2017.

Eric became well known in 1988 after
undergoing three liver transplants before the
age of two. Eric beat the odds, fighting his way
through intensive care as a small child.

Eric is thankful for the support of the
community when his family needed it most. He
established this foundation to help families with
children who find themselves in similar

Our mission is to assist local transplant
patients, and those with other life-threatening
illnesses, and their families with medical, living,
and travel expenses.

Our organization operates solely by volunteers
so that all donations can be directly used
towards helping children and families in their
time of need.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Eric Danowski - President 
Debra Danowski - Vice President 
Christi Rzodkiewicz - Treasurer 
Lisa Schroth - Secretary 
Shaun Akin - Director of Marketing

Jason Danowski - Director
Julie Danowski - Director
Steve Danowski - Director
Bruce Decker - Director
Sherri Decker - Director 


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