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Thanks to

Your Donations

Sometimes a small gift can bring big joy to a child or family in need.
Thank you to everyone who has donated, allowing us to share that joy and hope.
In the organizations short history, we've already been able to help families in need.  
Below you will find some of their stories.
Jericho Chadsey
North East, PA
In September 2017, the Transplant Hope Foundation helped our first local family. This is 10 month old Jericho Chadsey of North East PA. Jericho is battling Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Thanks to your donations, support, and participation in our 2017 golf outing, the foundation was able to help support this family as they continue their battle at home and travels to Pittsburgh.
Anthony Ayers
Harborcreek, PA
And then, another donation to a wonderful family! This is Anthony Ayers of Harborcreek PA, who was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He is currently attending Clark School and is a repeating honor roll student! As the family continues with treatments in Pittsburgh, PA, we wish Anthony the best with this battle! He is looking forward to spending his game stop gift card when he returns home from his next set of treatments.
Good luck Anthony!
Sidney Wheeler
Columbus, OH
This is the Wheeler family. Their son has undergone a liver transplant due to cystic fibrosis. Sidney will continue his battle with C.F for the rest of his life. We all wish you luck and prayers! Thank you to everyone who donated to the foundation to allow us to contribute to this wonderful family.Sidney is beyond excited to buy the Xbox he and his sister have been wanting for some time! God speed Sidney!
Analise Denning
Harborcreek, PA
Thank you again to everyone who donated to our foundation. In January 2018, we were able to help out another local family. Meet 5 year old Analise Denning. This brave warrior has been battling a Medulloblastoma brain tumor-cancer for the last 15 months. She is done with chemo and will have to return for scans every so often to assure the chemo has done its job. Please pray for this little girl, and her family during this difficult time.
Wyatt Newlin
Girard, PA
In February 2018, we had the pleasure of meeting the Newlin Family! Everyone meet Wyatt the warrior! This tough guy battles hypoplastic left heart syndrome. At two years old, he has already undergone 3 step open heart surgeries. Fighting this condition before he was even born, Wyatt is at home now being a very busy 2 year old. Good luck to you little man, and keep living up to the meaning of your name! (brave warrior)
Warriors For Wyatt
Kaleet Spearman
Millcreek, PA
Meet Kaleet Spearman a freshman at McDowell High School. Kaleet has just undergone his 2nd Kidney transplant at the children's hospital.  This little man is the definition of "tough"! Best wishes to you and your family! Fly eagles fly!
The foundation had the pleasure of meeting Liam, a young local Jedi apprentice. He is battling the same condition that I had. This rare ailment is called alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency. He is losing his liver due to this. Both Liam and his family are huge Star Wars fans. I am sure the force is strong with this little guy! Thank you everyone who continues to support the foundation to allow these visits to happen!
For more on his story and more ways to help, visit: Liam's Liver Wars.
Liam Armbruster
Millcreek, PA
Lucy Hadsell
Belfast, NY
Kyla Pegher
Harborcreek, PA
Owen Grochulski
Millcreek, PA
Gianna Lemke
Harborcreek, PA
Gabriel Colon
Erie, PA Area
Nevaeh McGill
Waterford, PA
Lexxis Maloney-Barnes
McKean, PA
Girard, PA
Micah Harvey
Wesleyville, PA
Adrian Carabello
Erie, PA
In Loving Memory of
Beau Samuel Chilcott Erickson
Never Forgotten
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